Hi Everyone,

This is Angus, and I created this website Blender 90 as a training portal to house a bunch of really great practical tutorials and a bunch of free assets I’m creating to help you become a better Blender and CGI artist.

I’ve worked on thousands of projects since the 1980’s involving all manner of VFX and 3D.  This includes all the practical in-camera ways of achieving effects and a huge in-depth working knowledge of different camera and lens types.

It also involved a lot of experience watching 3D and VFX software evolve from very expensive solutions that originally could only be owned by large studios all the way forwards to today’s enormously powerful desktop solutions that can easily be owned by Individuals.

In fact most of the Software that I will teach you here is Open Source and free.  How cool is that!

I’m really excited about the future and you’ll find these tutorials different to what you are used to on the web.  The best way to approach them is to imagine you have a few hours to get up to speed with Blender for a project you have to deliver to a client in a few days, and that I’m just some random dude in your studio who’s giving you data transfer of all the best tips, tricks techniques and workflows to becoming a master Blender artist, or at least to being able to blag the project and have the client walk away believing you know your stuff.

All tutorials and most of the resources on this website will be free to download.  I want to share my knowledge and share a bunch of my tools.  This will include a huge free texture library (10,000 plus photos) of CGI photos I’ve taken myself on good lenses and which I’ve been building up over many years job by job.  Essentially my own personal texture library that I use in day to day work.

I hope this video serves to introduce me and to help you understand what ethos of Blender 90 and this site is all about.

Happy Travels, and be the change you want to see in the world!